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About the restaurant

Pulcinella Restaurant was founded in 1998 by Italian owners. Their architect has designed and created interior reminiscent of a period of historic Naples, who has tried and still tries to create a congenial family atmosphere of the south of Italy. The brick oven pizza, to experience our pizza was the same as in her native country, comes from the southern Italy too.

From the very beginning, the restaurant has used original Italian raw ingredient, which is our main motto and principle till now. We strive to bring our guests the true Italy using the best of what this amazing country offers. We put emphasis on authenticity and quality of food and fresh ingredients. That is why every Friday we bring to you fresh fish and seafood directly from Italy and many other ingredients such as tomatoes, rucola, Italian made sausages, cheese, olive oil. You can also taste Italian coffee Hardy, which are imported directly from Milan.

Our cooks regularly pass Traineeships focused on regional Italian cuisine right in Italy with Mr. Apicelliho Nina, who owns a family hotel in the Gargano peninsula in the town of Rodi Garganico, which allows our chefs to understand the principles of Italian gastronomy, customs, and he constantly encourages their development. Our staff also works with well-known restaurant _ La Cucina Finestra where the staff passed Traineeships with a different focus, and whose owner Riccardo Lucque is among the top Italian chefs and restaurateurs not only in Bohemia.


The quality of our restaurant is demonstrated by the fact that we are the only restaurant outside Prague who are members of a professional organization Associazione Italiani Ristoranti, which brings together only the best Italian companies in the Czech Republic.

V roce 2013 jsme se stali držiteli italského certifikátu kvality a byla nám udělena známka italské pohostinosti italsko-českou obchodní a průmyslovou komorou jako jediným v západočeském kraji.



About owner


Mgr. Andrea Marková

comes from the Czech-Italian family, co-owner of the restaurant Pulcinella is since  2003. Her relationship with this simple but amazing cuisine, is given from early childhood. With parents often visited relatives in Italy and so she  perfectly recognized the local tradition, aquired feeling for materials processing and simple ways. Her motto is “beauty in simplicity”. Past experience and old family recipes  she passes on in her restaurant.

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Mgr. Andrea Marková